I'm a poli sci professor in the United States and write/edit articles on politics and national security. 2017 is weird. Ask me anything.

AMA about MONSTER COMBAT - the nerve-racking card game for up to 6 players. Now on KICKSTARTER.

Oct 23, 2017

I am a game developer working on my first title, Rise of the Foederati. AMA!

Sep 14, 2017

Hi I'm Steve the CEO of Spot.com. We help people find the best places in the world and plan trips with friends. Before Spot I worked on early ideas at Expa focusing on product strategy, branding, and venture formation. I also used to drive nuclear submarines in the navy....Ask Me Anything! #AMA

Runes of Ragnarok - A Game of Dice, Combat, and Strategy (Now on Kickstarter)!Ask Us Anything!

Nov 20, 2017

TARGET LOCKED by Aman Karan walks us through challenges in life of a marine who is heartbroken and lives through emotional agony, but he is engaged in battle zones and bears up going on many fool's errands -- that is war! AMA me regarding consequences of a war and fears of a soldier which in essence turns out into a fabulous story!

Operation: America ask me anything

Feb 1, 2018

AMA ASK S.K. an R&B HipHop artist as well as THE CEO OF SOUTH KACC KING'S & QUEEN'S and retired Army so the focus is on my music

I'm The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I wrote "Become A Franchise Owner!" Ask Me Anything! (About Buying A Profitable Franchise)

Hello there, I am Josh and am a relationship/ Sex education expert, so you can ask me anything on Love, Sex and relationships....I will be waiting😉

Hi, I'm Dave. As a disabled veteran, much of my health and psychiatric care come from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. I am sorely disappointed with some of my experiences with the VA. Ask Me Anything.

Help me get my life back . #AMA

AMA about making a successful transition from the military to the civilian world.

AMA Cdr Abhilash Tomy for the Golden Globe Race 2018

Dec 3, 2017

Hello there, I'm Tom. I'm a retired Infantry Army Officer with Rhodesian Bush War experience. I have written a semi-fictional novel based on my life experiences as a soldier, a professional hunter and small-worker gold mine manager. Ask Me Anything.

I am David J. Kent, Author of Books on Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln. AMA

Ask Me Anything: I'm a Mom, Army Vet, and new Blogger who has struggled with clinical depression since 3rd grade.

AMA: " THE TALE OF TWO BOOKS " ... by Artist and Author Kevin Curtis Barr

Dec 12, 2017

Author Brian Handy with Each1Teach1Publishing. Ask Me Anything

Indie mobile games developer currently working on Mean Machines-- an action -packed combat racer for Android. Ask me anything!

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